Internship Program

The ERLC is dedicated to seeing each generation engage the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This means cultivating leaders that work in all spheres of culture.

Our internship program exists to prepare students and young professionals with a gospel-centered, kingdom-focused perspective on the issues of everyday life. Interns come alongside ERLC staff to equip church leaders to address complex ethical issues in their communities, local churches, and represent Southern Baptists to the United States government.

We offer semester and year-long programs in both of our offices in Nashville, Tenn., and Washington, D.C. The programs are unpaid and housing and other logistics are the responsibility of the interns selected. Applicants are expected to have completed at least their freshman year of college before beginning their internship.

You can read about some of our interns’ experiences here: ERLC internships: Investing, life-changing

About Each Office

Nashville Office: The Nashville office oversees the day-to-day administration of the organization in order to execute the ERLC’s vision and mission. In the Nashville office, interns can expect an inviting atmosphere with an engaging staff that oversees numerous areas: Research, Communications,  Event planning, Administration and other special projects. Unique highlights to the Nashville internship include an intern Bible Study, weekly ethics and worldview discussions, weekly lunches with staff, leadership development lectures, theological equipping lectures, and guest speaker presentations from leaders throughout various spheres of culture. It is also common for staff to invite all the interns over to their homes for dinner. Interns get to experience an office environment located in downtown Nashville, one of America’s premier cities with an incredible arts and entertainment culture.

D.C. Office: The Washington, D.C., office represents 15.2 million Southern Baptists to the U.S. government by articulating and advancing a gospel worldview on the issues of national debate. The office, located steps from the U.S. Capitol, is named in honor of John Leland, an 18th Century Baptist minister whose advocacy for religious liberty was instrumental in the founding of the United States. Interns should expect a fast-paced, professional environment responding to the hour-by-hour demands of Washington. Unique highlights to the DC Internship include working on Capitol Hill, analyzing legislation, attending Congressional hearings, drafting  ERLC policy briefs, and executing events. Interns also experience living in the Nation’s Capital, recently ranked one of America’s best cities by US News & World Report.

Internship Concentrations

There are seven concentration areas available for an ERLC Internship. Intern applicants are invited to select their preferred concentration on the application page based on which location best fits their area of interest. It is important to note that concentration areas are used for the ERLC staff to gauge an applicant’s general interests, and not a promise that an intern will work exclusively in their chosen area during the internship.

Public Policy | Advocacy, Policy Research, Strategic Events, Coalitions, Government Relations (Washington, D.C.)

A public policy internship works closely with the entire policy team to produce research on key legislative measures, draft policy briefs for lawmakers, and support strategic events in D.C. Students interested in working with the Policy Team should have strong reading and writing skills, prepared for collaborative teamwork, and show an interest in government, policy making, and Biblical ethics.

Legal | Legislative Analysis, Amicus Practice, General Counsel Projects (Washington, D.C.)

A legal internship works closely with the VP of Public Policy and General Counsel, as well as the entire policy team to produce analysis on key legislative measures, participate in the organization’s amicus practice, and various projects from the general counsel’s office. Law students interested in this internship should have completed their first year of law school, maintain strong reading and writing skills, be prepared for collaborative teamwork, and show an interest in government, policy making, and Biblical ethics.

Research & Writing | Scholarship, Ethics, Special Projects, Academic Initiatives (Nashville)

A research and writing internship works closely with the Director of Policy Studies and VP for Communications to assist with research, writing projects, special projects, and academic initiatives of the ERLC. Students interested in this internship should have strong reading, writing, and research capabilities and possess an active interest in ethical debates and worldview.

Creative Communications | Design, Web (Nashville)

A Creative Communications internship assists the ERLC’s Creative Director with special projects related to design and web based projects. Applicants interested in web and design should possess creativity, design experience, and familiarity with basic website management.

Communications | Content, Editorial (Nashville)

A Communications internship with an interest in content and editing assists the ERLC’s Communication team to produce and curate website copy with editorial precision. Applicants interested in a Communications internship should possess strong writing and editing skills.

Events | Planning, Conference Preparation (Nashville)

An Events internship works closely with the Events Team to implement the events strategy of the ERLC. As an organization with several annual events, one of the ERLC’s organizational priorities is creating event experiences with a commitment to excellence, hospitality, and gospel-centered resources. Students interested in working with the Events Team should be detail oriented and capable of multitasking.

Administration | Executive, Finance, HR (Nashville)

An Administration internship assists the ERLC with the day-to-day execution of the ERLC’s vision and mission. Interns work closely with the Office Coordinator and Chief Financial Officer. Individuals interested in administration should be detail oriented.

Presidential Intern | Office of the President (Nashville)

Presidential interns will assist the Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives in the daily operations of the president’s office. Applicants should possess strong administrative skills and writing abilities as well as considerable interest in ethics and public policy. In addition to research and administration, presidential interns will also lend support to special projects in the president’s office.


Applicants must submit a resume, brief personal testimony, goals and expectations, time frame availability, writing samples, and agree to a statement of faith.

Applicants for a Summer internship will be notified of a decision in February of the year they are wishing to serve with the ERLC.

Applicants for a Fall or Spring internship will be notified on a rolling basis based on when the application is received.