Editorial Letters

  • A Christian’s Participation in the Public Square is Essential

    I confess that I find politics exhausting and discouraging in our current societal climate. Important differences can’t be debated without vilification and the worst kind of assumptions. People on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum don’t treat one another with respect, recognizing the inherent dignity in their opponents. And worse yet, Christians are some of


  • Why We Are Highlighting Human Dignity

    Everywhere we turn today, it seems our fellow human beings’ lives—and their inherent value—are under attack. But it’s not mainly from the faraway actors we might expect, though there is some of that. Tragically, it’s neighbor against neighbor, family member against family member, Christian against Christian. Yet, we’re not talking about the type of division Jesus


  • Life is Precious

    Babies are beautiful. There is a reason joy springs from our hearts when we learn that a friend is pregnant. There is a reason we are moved after hearing a child’s heartbeat in the womb via ultrasound. There is a reason we love to see images of a mother holding her newborn. And there is


  • The Light Shining in the Darkness

    The floodgates began to open up in October 2017 with the phrase “Me too” on Twitter. Exhausted and fueled by the injustice of abuse and the devastation of enduring years of cover-up, people began to share their accounts of sexual abuse and assault, which led to countless predators being brought to justice amid a powerful


  • The Good Ol’ Days

    We usually don’t realize that something is significant, history-making, or even culture shifting until it’s in the past. I am reminded of what the character Andy Bernard on The Office said as he reflected on a similar sentiment: “I wish there was a way to know you are in the good ol’ days before you have actually


  • Grieving in a Time of Plague

    Many people talked about “cabin fever” during the social distancing necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic, often musing about the places they wish they could go—the beach or a restaurant or a baseball game. But the one place I found myself longing to visit was not one I might have guessed originally: a funeral home.