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Southern Baptist Convention Seminaries: Statement of Principles on Abuse

The six seminaries of the Southern Baptist Convention are committed to partnering with the Sexual Abuse Presidential Study Group to equip our campuses to engage the issue of abuse with compassion and care. Our desire is for the next generation to lead churches and ministries that are safe for survivors and safe from abuse. We also want to become compassionate campus communities that care well. To this end, the six SBC seminaries collectively commit to the following shared statement of principles:

Principles to Protect our Campus Communities

  • Process: Our seminaries will have clear processes that we will follow to strive to prevent abuse on campus and care well for survivors who experience abuse
  • Personnel: Our seminaries will identify and equip staff members and external ministry partners who are responsible for leading our processes related to abuse
  • Awareness: Our seminaries will regularly promote awareness of our processes and personnel to the campus community to enhance understanding

Principles to Prepare our Campus Communities

  • Share: Our seminaries will share about abuse by educating our students, staff, and faculty to understand the issues through relevant resources and training
  • Care: Our seminaries encourage the effort of the Sexual Abuse Presidential Study Group to develop the resource Becoming a Church that Cares Well for Abuse and will integrate training on how to care for abuse survivors as a mandatory aspect of the curriculum
  • Prepare: Our seminaries will integrate training on abuse prevention as a mandatory aspect of the curriculum

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