Like you, we want to be aware of and knowledgable about the pressing moral and cultural issues that we face every day. Furthermore, as Southern Baptists, we want to know how God’s Word and the Baptist Faith and Message address these issues and inform our response.

Through our various resources, including articles, our magazine, the ERLC Podcast, and videos, we offer a voice of hope that will assist you in responding to matters regarding life, religious liberty, marriage and family, and human dignity with compassion and conviction.





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LIGHT magazine

Light is our biannual magazine that takes an in-depth look at cultural and moral concerns. We apply God’s Word and Baptist convictions in a way that will help shape your voice in the public square. Subscribe today and get information that will provide clarity around the public policy issues that matter to you.


The Road to ROE50

Close to 62 million babies are missing from our society today. The Roe v....

Summer 2021

Volume 7, Issue 1

Hidden in Plain Sight

The ERLC, together with the Sexual Abuse Advisory Group of the SBC, has continued...

Winter 2020

Volume 6, Issue 2

The ERLC Podcast

On this updated format of the ERLC Podcast, we want to give you brief, informed, practical, and biblically-based answers to important cultural issues.


The relationship between religion and politics in America

Episode #360

Welcome to the ERLC Podcast. On this episode, the ERLC Research team is going...

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What to expect for the 2024 presidential election

What to expect for the 2024 presidential election

Episode #358

Welcome to the ERLC Podcast where our goal is to help you think biblically...

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local and state politics

Why do local and state politics matter? (Part 2)

Episode #357

Today on The ERLC Podcast, we’re continuing with part 2 of the conversation about...

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local and state politics matter

Why do local and state politics matter? (Part 1)

Episode #356

On this episode of the ERLC Podcast in the Christians and Politics series, we’re...

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what is the public square

What is the public square?

Episode #355

Healthy engagement in the public square can feel like a fond memory of past...

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IVF and when life begins

Christians, IVF, and when life begins

Episode #354

Today, we’re talking about how Christians can wisely and compassionately think about in vitro...

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pregnancy resource centers

How you can join the life-saving work of pregnancy resource centers

Episode #353

Today we’re talking about the important work of pregnancy resource centers and Baptist state...

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