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Like you, we want to navigate a complex culture with the assurance of God’s Word and the hope of Jesus Christ. We know that many of us have questions about the confusion embedded in our society. We’d love to hear from you about how you’re processing the state of life, religious liberty, marriage and family, and human dignity in our nation. And we want to know how we can best serve your church.

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Internship Program

The ERLC is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of ministry leaders as they discern their callings to serve the Church in the public square. We seek to provide students and young professionals with opportunities to assist Southern Baptist churches with complex cultural issues and represent those churches in policy matters for the sake of the gospel proclamation and the good of our neighbors.

Psalm 139 Project

Psalm 139 Project

The Psalm 139 Project helps place ultrasound equipment in pregnancy resource centers and provide medical staff with the necessary training for operating the equipment. The initiative also helps change perceptions by enabling people see that preborn children and mothers with unplanned pregnancies are not abstractions, but individuals made in the image of God and loved by Jesus. Visit

ERLC Press


The ERLC operates a full-service media relations shop, ready to assist reporters, editors, and producers in learning more about the organization and in scheduling interviews with our ERLC senior staff.