Serving churches and shaping policy

The ERLC is uniquely positioned to be a voice of hope in a chaotic public square, championing public policy that addresses the issues you care about, seeks the good of your community, and is consistent with God’s design for flourishing.

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We advocate for policies that protect your rights as believers and seek the good of our neighbors.

The work of the ERLC is grounded in God’s Word and informed by Southern Baptist resolutions on issues related to life, religious liberty, marriage and family, and human dignity. We ensure that our nation’s leaders hear about the things that matter to you.

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A legacy of hope

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission exists to bring hope to the public square. Many church leaders, policymakers, parents, and students can point to the positive impact made by the work of the ERLC throughout its history. Here are a few of their stories.


Gospel hope on a politically charged college campus

How the ERLC Podcast gave one college student confidence rooted in faith and facts

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Hope for our neighbor

How one pastor lead his church to serve refugees with the support of the ERLC's advocacy work

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Hope in cooperation

How North Carolina Baptists partnered with the ERLC through the Psalm 139 Project to save a preborn life

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