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Becoming People Who Are Pro-Life and Pro-Justice

Reflecting our Savior by caring for all of the vulnerable in our midst

Benjamin Watson lent his voice, along with many others, at our Evangelicals for Life...

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Helping parents navigate conversations about race

The calling we have as Christian parents is to help shape the worldview of...

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What does cognitive dissonance have to do with abortion and social justice?

Human beings are complex creatures. Aristotle described us as “rational animals.” Augustine considered humanity’s...

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Why hope will sustain us through the pain

Trusting in God while laboring for reconciliation

All at once, our collective hearts were broken. We watched as his last breath...

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What is the role of Christians in seeking justice?

Tim Keller on the Bible’s call to Generous Justice

In the introduction to Generous Justice: How God's Grace Makes Us Just, Tim Keller...

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Seeking unity in the Southern Baptist Convention

From the ERLC Executive Committee Our country has come through one of the more...

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