How the ERLC partners with Lifeway

March 2, 2021

The Southern Baptist Convention is made up of more than 45,000 churches that support entities like the ERLC through the Cooperative Program. While our ministry assignment is centered on public policy and equipping the church, we get the privilege of partnering with Lifeway in our effort to equip the church to handle complex issues of our day. Lifeway is the publishing arm of the SBC and a great resource for us. Here are just some of the resources we have partnered with Lifeway on over the years:

Gospel for Life Series

The Gospel for Life series gives every believer a biblically saturated understanding of the most urgent issues facing our culture. There are nine short books in the series ranging from issues on marriage, homosexuality, abortion, and pornography. We believe these book will help pastors and other leaders at any level of experience to understand the nuances of tough cultural issues. 

Christ-Centered Parenting

Being a parent in today’s world requires an ability to answer some really difficult questions. This curriculum is set up for small groups but can also be done as an individual or married couple. Designed to help you lead your children and teens in a confident and responsible way, this six-session handbook will equip you to address topics children of all ages face, including:

The Church and the Racial Divide

In light of racial tension in America, many Christian leaders are talking earnestly about racial reconciliation. Many pastors and lay leaders look at the growing tensions in our churches and wonder how they can be a healing force in our culture. The problem is they don’t know where to begin. The average evangelical Christian may not understand why racial reconciliation is a gospel imperative. The average pastor may not know how to pursue it.

This resource features video teaching from key leaders discussing race, culture, and the gospel. Using these evangelical voices and Bible study, participants will learn about racial reconciliation and be equipped to be part of the solution.

Religious Liberty: How the Gospel Shapes our First Freedom

What if the freedom to practice our faith were taken away? What if we had to decide whether to follow either the rule of our country or our God-given conscience? Religious liberty has protected Christians in America from having to answer these questions, but that may not always be the case.

Religious Liberty: How the Gospel Shapes Our First Freedom articulates what the Bible teaches about religious liberty through an overarching biblical theology. Religious liberty is rooted in the kingdom of God and the storyline of Scripture. And it’s integral to our understanding of the church’s mission.

Julie Masson

Julie Masson serves as Director of External Engagement for the ERLC. She is responsible for strategic planning, development and implementation of the ERLC brand strategy across all ERLC departments and provides leadership and oversight for the ERLC marketing team as well as coordinating external affairs and partnership deliverables. Julie and her husband Jesse … Read More