Michael Sam and First Take: “Maybe tolerance goes both ways”

Jun 9, 2014

You need to watch this insightful dialogue between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take. They are reacting to Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend moments after becoming the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL and the suspension of a Miami Dolphins’ player who reacted negatively to it on Twitter.

Here’s a clip from the conversation.

I’d encourage you all to listen to the conversation in it’s entirety. The link to the podcast and minutes are provided: Podcast (Minutes 1:03:35-1:16:35)

I love the show First Take. I listen to the podcast almost everyday, and as funny as this may sound, I think these guys may be providing a great example for cultural dialogue in America. They model how to openly “embrace debate” on controversial issues that they often have profound and deep disagreement about, and yet at the same time they are united in their friendship with one another.

We have deep divides right now in the American cultural discourse, and the conversation has become heated, especially on issues like gay marriage. This show charts a different course. Here are a few of my observations about their conversation regarding Michael Sam.

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