Will you help us develop more needed resources like “Christ-Centered Parenting”?

Dec 25, 2017

This is the latest ERLC End-of-Year update as part of our RISE Campaign.

Have you ever been in a situation where your child asks you about a complex cultural issue and you don't feel equipped to answer their questions? The ERLC partnered with LifeWay this year to develop a curriculum called Christ-Centered Parenting to equip parents to have gospel conversations about the complex cultural issues that their children encounter in the world today.

Most parents don't feel equipped to have difficult conversations with their kids because they lack confidence in their abilities and answers to their questions. This six-week video-based curriculum provides both expert discussions and in-depth Bible study to provide the foundation every parent needs to navigate these important discussions.

When we did the 2017 ERLC National Conference on Christ-centered parenting, our hope in simultaneously launching this curriculum was to provide pastors, leaders, small groups, and churches a tool that could help those who are parents with some of the most consequential conversations they will ever have with their children.

Since the launch of this curriculum, the ERLC has heard from churches all over the country who are using it to benefit the parents in their congregation. They are recognizing that there is a hunger amongst their people for this type of training, and there is a lack of other resources to meet this need.

Parents must realize that gospel conversations about complex cultural issues cannot be seen as one-time events. Instead, this curriculum equips parents to have ongoing conversations. In addition, it provides age-graded coaching for parents on how to navigate different conversations with children of various ages, ranging from preschool through young adult.

Another valuable aspect of the curriculum is that it tackles all of the most difficult issues that families are facing today. It covers same-sex attraction, dating, transgenderism, abortion, race, depression, and many more pressing subjects. We leave no difficult issue unaddressed because every issue is likely to come up in the family life of church members today.

The ERLC cannot continue to develop important resources like the Christ-Centered Parenting curriculum without your help. Would you consider making a year-end gift that will allow us to continue to invest in the next generation of children by continuing to equip Christian parents with tools to strengthen their families in light of the gospel?

Help us multiply our efforts in the public square. Consider making a tax-deductible end-of-year gift to the ERLC today.

Phillip Bethancourt

Phillip Bethancourt is Executive Vice President of the ERLC. He leads the ERLC team to develop innovative strategies to equip churches to address the key moral and ethical issues of the day. He completed an MDiv and PhD in Systematic Theology at Southern... Read More