The Second Mountain

The Quest for a Moral Life

Lindsay Nicolet

One of the lessons many of us learned, albeit painfully, during the pandemic is that we weren’t created to live life in isolation. In other words: we need community. In his latest book, David Brooks says the key to living a fulfilling life is found in leaving behind a self-centered, individualistic life and pouring ourselves into a life committed to family, faith, a vocation, and community. Brooks’ book is beautifully written and will spur the Christian reader on to pray about how the Lord would lead toward a more satisfying life focused on his glory and our neighbors’ good. 

Lindsay Nicolet serves as the Editorial Director. She oversees the day-to-day management of our online content from the Nashville office. Lindsay completed her Master of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is married to Justin and they have a daughter and a son.