Panel Discussions

Why Work Matters

Greg Gilbert and Sebastian Traeger, the authors of The Gospel at Work, explain that the daily job undertaken by a Christian is an integral part of that believer's discipleship with Christ.

Daniel Darling

Daniel Darling is the Director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a columnist for World Magazine and a contributor to USA Today. Dan is a bestselling author of several books including, The Dignity Revolution, A Way With Words, and The Characters of … Read More

Greg Gilbert

Greg Gilbert earned his BA from Yale University and his MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of the book "What is the Gospel?" and the co-author of "What is the Mission of the Church?". Greg is the pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. … Read More

Sebastian Traeger

Sebastian grew up outside of Philadelphia and graduated from Princeton University in 1996 with a degree in Politics. He moved to Washington, DC to work in business and has been an entrepreneur ever since, co-­founding several companies including Village Phone in El Salvador, Christianity.com, Silas Partners, Razoo.com and FiveStreet.com. Read More by this Author