Poverty : Book Reviews

  • How to help broken people become whole

    After many years ministering in Third World Countries among low-income communities, I have asked myself how churches can help and care for the poor in a meaningful way. It took mountains of good effort but always questioning if it was an effective way to do it. I started looking for answers by reading and hearing


  • Learning how to serve the impoverished

    John Barry’s Jesus' Economy is a recent release discussing the need for Christians to be involved in holistic poverty alleviation efforts. Barry makes the argument that Christians should be active not only in helping to meet the spiritual needs of people through gospel sharing, but also in working to meet their physical needs and empowering them


  • Book Review: ‘From Dependence to Dignity’

    "If you’re going to follow Jesus, you’d better love the poor (7).” Rick Warren issued this powerful statement in his foreword to the book From Dependence to Dignity: How to Alleviate Poverty Through Church-Centered Microfinance, by authors Brian Fikkert and Russell Mask. Warren’s statement is true and biblically sound. Christ makes it clear in his Word