Simple Steps to Unity


Join us for an evening of encouragement as we look together toward a better future

Through the power of the gospel, Jesus shows us a way toward true racial reconciliation and unity. Yet, the challenges of ministry and life in our communities can leave us feeling like cooperation and unity is a dream for the future instead of a reality for today.

In a world where pastors can feel so afraid to say the wrong thing that they say nothing, let’s imagine another way.

We know that you are seeking to live out the gospel in relationships with people in your church, throughout your city, and across the globe. How do we build upon relationships you already have so that we can walk together toward a better future of unity and cooperation?

That’s why the Unify Project exists: to help pastors and church leaders like you become the influential voice in your community that brings hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

The ERLC, in cooperation with the Unify Project, invites you to join us for an evening of encouragement as we look together toward a better future.

If You Are

  • A pastor or church leader who wants to pursue unity in your church
  • A Christian who wants to seek racial reconciliation in your community
  • A seminary student who wants to prepare for ministry in a culturally diverse area
  • A parent who wants to raise your children to understand God’s beautiful design for different races and ethnicities

You will benefit from this important conversation and learn practical ways your church can lead the way in offering hope and healing to its neighbors and neighborhoods.

You'll hear:

  • How you can build upon the relationships you already have and move toward unity in your community
  • How to navigate challenging conversations about race
  • How you can foster a community of cooperation within your city
  • How you can take practical steps to create unity in your church
  • How the SBC can continue to advance racial reconciliation
  • And more…

A personal invitation from ERLC President Brent Leatherwood

“As Christians, we are called to model a better way in this fallen world—a way that reveals the inherent dignity of each individual made in the image of God. Just as the imago Dei influences our work to save the preborn and care for the vulnerable, it also drives our work to advance unity and racial reconciliation. I hope you’ll make time to join us for this encouraging evening!”

Don’t miss this evening of encouragement in moving together toward a better future!

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