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Sanctity of Human Life

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Most Christians recognize that abortion, infanticide and euthanasia are wrong, but why? On this and the related pages, we hope to encourage individuals to embrace the reality that God is the Author of life, and that as His servants, we are to protect human life. According to His Word, there is no alternative. Human life is inestimably precious.

While a sanctity of human life ethic may be disparaged by the world, it is God’s view. His Word is clear: human life at all ages and stages is precious.

While the culture in which we live appears to favor a perspective that regards humans as enhanced primates, as Christians we serve a God who tells us clearly in His Word that we are made in His image. Likening God to a potter, a vocation that was common in those days, the prophet Isaiah wrote, “We are all the work of [His] hands” (Isaiah 64:8).

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