“The ERLC will always take care to listen to our churches and help them, which will ensure that this Commission continues to bring a deep, abiding, consistent and thoroughly Baptist voice to the public square.” - Brent Leatherwood

What is the erlc?

The ERLC represents a concerted effort to bring God’s Word to bear on issues of moral importance in our society.

We see ourselves as missionaries sent by Southern Baptists to a confusing and chaotic public square in order to bring the hope of the gospel. We pray our words and our tone are a source of hope and light, not driven by politics, but pointing to the goodness of our Father, the gift of his Son, and the hope of his Kingdom.


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For you and your church

The ERLC has its finger on the pulse of the important moral and cultural issues that we face every day in our nation, our homes, and our churches. We want to help you understand these complex topics and engage in ways that display the hope of gospel.

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Learn more about current public policy on issues of concern to Southern Baptists, as well as court cases at the Supreme Court and lower courts.



Through our articles, our magazine, the ERLC Podcast, and videos, we offer a voice of hope that will assist you in responding to matters regarding life, religious liberty, marriage and family, and human dignity with compassion and conviction.



Gathering together some of the most respected Southern Baptist minds, the ERLC’s research initiatives and resources will influence evangelical thinking and give you confidence as you engage the public square with hope.