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Tim Scheiderer (M.Div, Southern Seminary) is a freelance writer living in metro Washington, D.C., with his wife and daughter. His other writings can be found at TPScheiderer.com. He is also a founding board member of The Augustine Center, a Christian Study Center at Georgetown University.

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Tim Scheiderer

what is abortion

Explaining the sin of abortion in an age-appropriate way

How to help your children grasp the devastating effects of sin and the hope of the gospel

Imagine a home with the coos and cries of a newborn. A constant din...

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children’s ministry

What matters most in a children’s ministry

A look at “Keeping Your Children’s Ministry on Mission” by Jared Kennedy

With 58% of parents choosing their current church based on the children’s ministry, there...

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What worldviews are your children’s toys teaching them?

3 biblical truths to consider when purchasing presents

Have you heard about the gender-fluid doll from Mattel? Yes, you read that sentence...

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How the internet is weakening our language

Recovering a rich vocabulary for a deeper knowledge of God

The statistics are truly astounding. American adults are now spending more than 11 hours...

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Why our possessions shouldn’t determine our enjoyment in life

Learning to delight in God, regardless of what we have

Certain questions tend to arise after returning from a short-term mission trip to an...

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Russell Wilson, an abstinence pledge, and two key truths about sex

Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/ioA7Y6 It is always a curious occurrence when morality makes headlines. For...

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human dignity

Transgenderism: A Theological Perspective

Imagine, instantaneously, feeling alienated from those closest to you—your family, your closest friends, and...

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The Tidal Wave of Transgenderism

Author’s note: I wish I could read this article to you. I feel hearing...

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