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ERLC Guides
ERLC Guides

The questions we face today regarding life, religious liberty, marriage and family, and human dignity require more than platitudes and theories. Our churches and communities need practical help rooted in the timeless truths of Scripture.

Our guides are designed to provide you with theologically-grounded and accessible information that will assist your church in being salt and light in your neighborhood and state. We will cover topics such as how your church can approach conversations and policies related to gender and sexuality,  how you might think about and counsel individuals considering in vitro fertilization, and what you can do to ensure the protection and promotion of religious liberty in our country.

You can view and download our guides for free. We hope they serve your church as you seek to bring the light of Jesus to our nation.

ERLC Guides
ERLC Guides

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The Research work of the ERLC produces essays, white papers, and guides designed to shape evangelical conversations and equip you to faithfully address ethical and moral issues.


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These 3,000-4,000-word articles deal with topics important to the Research team's work.

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These downloadable papers explain an ethical or theological position on issues relevant to the ERLC's mission.

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