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Russell Moore on the importance of treating chaplains as essential workers

May 7, 2020

Hospital chaplains are also fighting a more delicate battle to assert themselves as essential care. Southern Baptist leader Dr. Russell Moore is frustrated that some hospitals see chaplains as just extra.

“My concern is that we need to see hospital chaplains as an essential part of care for our patients and so hospital chaplains have to have access in every way that is safe – but this is an essential part of ministering and caring for people,” said Moore who is president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Russell Moore

Russell Moore is former President of the ERLC. He holds a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His latest book is The Courage to Stand: Facing Your Fear Without Losing Your Soul. His book, The Storm-Tossed Family: How the Cross Reshapes the Home, was named Christianity Today’s 2019 Book of the Year. … Read More