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An easy way to provide for others this Christmas

A poor family in North Africa receives a pair of goats that will provide them with food and income.

A Syrian refugee receives a package of food and household goods to help supplement his family’s needs for one month.

A widow in Asia receives a filter so she can drink clean water in her home.

This Christmas, you can improve life for people in need by giving a donation using the BGR Christmas Gift Catalog.

Those donations go directly to people like Ymer, a farmer in Southeastern Europe who could barely make ends meet. Someone like you helped provide seeds and equipment so he could grow a new crop. Now, Ymer’s income has doubled.

Just like Ymer uses hoes to prepare the earth for seeds, people in the United States can use the BGR Gift Catalog as a tool to help others around the world.  Many of our BGR partners have said that especially during Christmas time, they realize they have all or more than they need.

The BGR Gift Catalog provides an easy way to share your blessings with others and provides excellent opportunities to teach children to do the same.

One grandfather told BGR that he and his wife set aside money every year for their grandchildren. He then takes the gift catalog and, with the help of each child, flips through the pages, letting him or her pick out gifts they can buy with their allotted money. He says the children are excited to shop with BGR and they now save their own money to buy extra things for people in need. He says the catalog is one of the best ways to teach the younger generations about giving and about caring for others.

There are a lot of gift catalogs out there, but BGR’s is unique because items purchased are tied to long-term efforts that help people physically and spiritually.

Moreover, because local Southern Baptist churches, along with the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program, support our BGR field partners and project implementers, the highest possible percentage of each donation actually goes to a person or a family in need.

As you consider giving a gift this Christmas, we encourage you to think of others around the world who struggle for the basics: food, water, shelter, medicines and education. We then challenge you to make a difference by donating through the BGR Christmas Gift Catalog. It’s an easy way to give and a sure way to help someone in need.

You can request a printed catalog by contacting us at:

Baptist Global Response

402 BNA Drive, Suite 411

Nashville, TN 37217

Phone: (615) 367-3678

Or you can view and donate through our on-line catalog at

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