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How SBC state conventions serve churches

An interview with Seth Brown of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

Throughout October and November, SBC state conventions will be gathering for their annual meetings....

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Supreme Court

Understanding the draft opinion leak of the Supreme Court

The most consequential leak of our lifetime

A young contractor for the National Security Agency fled our nation in the spring...

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Rediscover Church

Why belonging to a church is essential for a Christian

An interview with Collin Hansen about Rediscover Church

We live at a dizzying moment in history. From the persistence of COVID-19 to...

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How does my faith in Jesus connect with my work life?

Every kind of work is a sacred calling

How does my faith in Jesus connect with my work life? How does Sunday...

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Protocols to help protect against sexual abuse while meeting virtually

Don’t let your guard down during COVID-19

Churches across the nation are diligently working to minister in the midst of COVID-19....

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12 things to consider when reopening your children’s ministry

It’s been nearly two months now since many of our churches gathered. And we’re...

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