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Explainer: What you should know about ChatGPT and other AI Large Language Models

Over the past year, there’s been increasing debate about the nature and classification of...

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Toward a public theology for a digital age

A few years ago, I read an insightful article by Shira Ovide of the...

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Following Jesus in a Digital Age

Discerning what’s true in a digital age

Social media, the breakdown of communication, and the problems of a post-truth society

We live in an unprecedented age of information, more than we can even begin...

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Who is My Neighbor?

Why We Advocate for Human Dignity on the International Stage on the International Stage

One of the blessings of the digital age is that we can connect with...

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moral infrastructure

How rebuilding our moral infrastructure can prepare us to thrive in the tech age

The advance of technology has outpaced our morality. It’s a grim assessment, but it’s...

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How do we seek justice without compromising truth?

An interview with Thaddeus Williams about social media, social justice, and a Christian’s responsibility

Social justice is a polarized topic in these divided times. The issues that are...

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