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How Christians can make a difference in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy

An interview with Jamie Brown of A Women’s Pregnancy Center

unplanned pregnancy

The work of pregnancy resource centers is literally life and death. Many women walk through their doors with the intent of ending the preborn life inside their womb, and those waiting to receive them know that only God can truly intervene. There is a real spiritual war raging for babies’ lives and the hearts of moms and dads. In the midst of this, Christians are entrusted with the responsibility of showing the love of Jesus, caring for those who are vulnerable, and sharing the truth of God’s Word. Jamie Brown, the executive director of A Women’s Pregnancy Center, shares more about her center and a Christians’s call in an abortion culture. 

Lindsay Nicolet: Will you tell us a little bit about A Woman’s Pregnancy Center and Mosaic and explain their distinctions? 

Jamie Brown: A Women’s Pregnancy Center offers free pregnancy tests and limited ultrasounds to women in the Tallahassee, Florida, community. Mosaic offers these same services, but additionally offers low-cost STD testing to men and women. Each of our clients have the opportunity to meet with a staff member for peer biblical counseling, and we also have our center for material assistance, called the Belly Boutique. 

LN: What kind of environment do you minister in? And how many clients do you usually see?

JB: I believe that God has strategically placed both AWPC and Mosaic in areas of our community that need us most. A Women’s Pregnancy Center, which we often refer to as our Campus location, is positioned right at the edge of Florida State’s campus. FSU students who are in need of pregnancy tests are within walking distance of a place that is committed to caring for them with the love of Christ. Additionally, Mosaic is located right next door to our local Planned Parenthood. Their staff has even sent clients over to Mosaic, which is a fantastic example of just how sovereign and powerful our God is! Our ministry expects to serve over 2,000 clients each year. That’s 2,000 gospel opportunities in areas of our community where the gospel needs to go forth, and we are so grateful to be on the front lines in this way.

LN: How have you seen the Lord at work recently? 

JB: I can’t even begin to fully describe all that the Lord has done through AWPC in the last year. But, to give you some numbers from 2021, our ministry saw 303 babies rescued from abortion and 108 women and men who made a decision for Christ. We know that this is 100% attributed to God’s favor upon this place and the prayers that have gone up on behalf of our clients. We constantly have clients telling us how comfortable and at home they feel. They’re not only grateful for the pregnancy help they receive, but we often hear clients thanking us for praying over them and sharing the love of Christ with them. Where the world tells women that pregnancy centers like ours shove religion down their throats and guilt them, our clients see a different story when they walk through our doors. They see the love of Jesus tenderly shown to them, and they encounter biblical truth, perhaps for the first time.  

LN: What is the benefit of having an ultrasound machine? How valuable is this resource to your mission? 

JB: The Lord has shown us that ultrasounds are not just a service — they are a life-saving tool that show a tangible image of God’s power on display. We have had multiple women come into our center considering abortion this month, but God has used the ultrasound techs, and this incredible technology, to show these women the beauty of their tiny but valuable babies. Already in 2022, clients have chosen to carry because of what they have seen on the ultrasound screen, which is a beautiful, God-ordained life. This is such a powerful tool for ministering to our clients right where they are, and it grants women a unique opportunity to fall in love with this incredible picture of what God has given them.

LN: From your perspective, how can the church make a difference in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy? 

JB: There are several ways that the church can come alongside pregnancy centers like ours. First, you can volunteer your time, whether that is at fundraisers, working as an office volunteer, helping with mailouts, meeting with clients one on one at the Belly Boutique, or serving as an options counselor. The options are truly endless, and if one of these options doesn’t appeal to someone, I promise we can find a perfect avenue for them to serve based on the gifts and talents God has blessed them with. 

Some other ways the local church can come alongside us is by becoming a ministry partner and giving to AWPC, and also by praying for us. We have such an incredible team of prayer warriors, and we feel the effects of this each and every day. We see incredible stories written by our Heavenly Father each day at our centers, and I believe prayer is such a huge component of that. 

Lastly, I would say having open doors and open hearts is an incredible way to serve those in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. Women in this position often expect judgment from people within the church, but what if we proved them wrong in the best way possible? What if the church said, “We are going to stand by you in this courageous choice to give your child life, and we are going to be here for you every step of the way.” God didn’t call us to judge her if her journey looks different than ours. God calls us to love her with the love of Christ and welcome her with open arms. It is my desire that the women and men of our community will be absolutely blown away by the unexpected outpouring of love and care from the local church, and that’s something each and every person can be a part of. 

LN: Based on your experience, what would it take to make abortion an unthinkable option for women in crisis pregnancy situations? 

JB: It simply takes women and men learning the truth. We offer women who come to AWPC the opportunity to view an animated video of an abortion procedure so that they can know what will be happening in their bodies if they choose to go this route. If women express that they want to watch this, they are often taken aback at what abortion actually looks like. The world has not prepared them for the trauma that will happen within their wombs, or the emotional trauma they could experience afterward. At our centers, we educate women on what actually happens when the abortion pill is taken or when women undergo a surgical abortion. We also educate on post-abortion stress and the emotional after-effects women often go through following an abortion experience.  

When women know the truth, that is often a game-changer for them, and they begin to get a glimpse of why life should be protected from this horrible act. We had a client who was on the fence regarding her pregnancy recently, and after being cared for with the love of Christ, she shared, “I don’t think Jesus would want me to do that.” It is amazing what the Holy Spirit does in the lives of these women when they are told the truth about abortion. 

LN: How can we pray for you and other pregnancy resource centers? 

JB: First, I would say to pray for boldness and strength. So often, we have clients who come in from absolutely unbelievable life situations. We are constantly confronted with the reality that there is trauma and heartache in this world and in this city that we can’t even begin to comprehend. 

Pray that the Lord will give our counselors and front desk staff the words to say and that he will soften the hearts of our clients toward the gospel before they even walk through the door. 

We also ask that you pray for women who are considering abortion — that they will choose a pregnancy resource center as their first step so they can be truly informed before making a permanent and life-altering decision. 

The ministry of pregnancy centers, I believe, are propelled by prayer, and it would mean the world for you to join this team of prayer warriors coming before the throne on behalf of the unborn and their parents.  

unplanned pregnancy

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