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How the ERLC works with SBC churches to prevent sexual abuse

As an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, we are privileged to come alongside Southern Baptist churches in various ways. From Capitol Hill to the pew, we engage with SBC churches as they live on mission in their local communities, displaying the Kingdom of God to a watching world. 

One of the most important initiatives we have worked on in the past two years is the Caring Well Challenge. As we’ve said many times, churches should do everything they can to be a refuge for those who have experienced abuse and to protect the vulnerable among them. Which is why over the last two years, we have come alongside the many Southern Baptist churches who have taken the Caring Well Challenge and why we will continue our efforts to resource and equip churches to care well. So many church leaders have recognized their need to protect their children and vulnerable from the sin of sexual abuse. Whether it’s how they screen volunteers, or set up classrooms for VBS, we’ve heard from churches large and small that the free resources at have helped them better understand abuse dynamics and prevent abuse. 

As we’ve all seen, pastoring in a pandemic has created untold stress and fatigue for our church leaders. Some are unable to meet in person at all, while many are meeting with various restrictions like multiple services to allow for smaller gatherings. Because of these factors, some churches aren’t able to have a kids ministry right now.

We are thankful that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight, even if a “return to normalcy” is still several months away. So as we prepare for churches returning to normal, the ERLC is honored to be able to come alongside these SBC churches who are making great strides to prevent abuse at their churches. To the church leaders who are taking the issue of sexual abuse seriously, we are grateful for you and offer our help in any way that we can.

Learn more about the free Caring Well Challenge and how your church can be safe for survivors and safe from abuse at

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