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How to teach our kids faithfulness in today’s culture

Psalm 78 and the call to remember

“Lord, please protect my children.” From the earliest days of parenting, Christian moms and...

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Why Christians must pursue biblically defined justice

Christian social ethics, the gospel, and the imago Dei

Years ago, as my wife and I were renovating our house, we met an...

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The Year Northern Ireland Became an Abortion Culture

An interview about the history of the law, vulnerable lives, and the work ahead

Until recently, preborn lives in Northern Ireland (NI) were significantly more protected than they...

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Four ways to make each day count for eternity

Planning for a fresh start in the new year

Can one day really make that big of a difference? The calendar turns 365...

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Mental health

Pastors, how is your mental health?

The importance of recognizing your own struggles and seeking help when needed

I remember the first time I was the client in a counselor’s office. I...

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How Christians can combat the dangerous reality of (COVID-19) disinformation

In early 2020, we simply didn’t know what we didn’t know about COVID-19 and...

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