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is gender a social construct

A biblical resource for pastors on gender and sexuality 

We live in an age experiencing the disastrous effects of the sexual revolution. Confusion...

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Why we need a biblical understanding of ‘self-care’

An interview about burnout, limitations, and ministering faithfully

Many ministry leaders live at a pace that is impossible to keep. Unrelenting busyness...

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Willie McLaurin

The importance of the first African American leading an SBC entity

An interview with Willie McLaurin on racial unity and the future of our churches

The people of God should delight in the different colors that make up the...

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substance abuse

What if a church leader confesses a problem with substance abuse?

An interview about addiction and the hope of restoration

The stress of pandemic living seemed to exacerbate and bring to light several struggles...

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Pastor Appreciation Month

5 facts about pastors in America

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. The observance originally began in 1992 as Pastor Appreciation...

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A pastor’s response to “Will I be fully accepted at your church as a gay man?”

Below is my response to an email I received that asked the following question:...

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