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Explainer: How the federal heartbeat bill seeks to protect preborn children

In 2023, the federal heartbeat bill, the Heartbeat Protection Act, was introduced in the...

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end of abortion

Working Toward the End of Abortion

A Pro-Life Response to Abolitionism’s Critiques

For 42 years, the Southern Baptist Convention has maintained a consistent position on the...

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Stories of courage and conviction for the next generation

A call to faithfulness in the face of cultural pressure

“If you continue to be a Christian, I will kill you now.” Nineteen-year-old Mee...

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There Are No Mere Mortals

Embracing the dignity of all people, in word and deed

When God created the world, man had incredible freedom, important responsibility, and inordinate adventure. ...

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border crisis

Explainer: The crisis of unaccompanied minors at the border

A growing number of children are arriving at the southern border without parents or...

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Pressing On

Equipping Churches to be Safe for Survivors and Safe From Abuse

Southern Baptists gathered in Birmingham in 2019 and showed their continued commitment in exposing...

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