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4 ways to respond in love when your children have hard emotions

Being present with your kids and helping them feel SAFE

I don’t think I have ever met a parent who didn’t hope to respond...

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What Christians should know about cross-cultural adoption

An interview with Brittany Salmon about “It Takes More Than Love”

Adoption is a beautiful picture of the gospel, but in this world, it’s fraught...

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children of Ukraine

Christians, remember the vulnerable children of Ukraine

With the beginning of Russian aggression, the entire population of Ukraine became vulnerable in...

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How a children’s ministry can partner with Christian parents

Helping moms and dads grow in Christ and model true faith

We desire a strong and robust partnership between children’s ministry and parents. Some Christian...

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Explainer: More than 1.5 million children lost parents due to COVID

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 4 million people across the globe...

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What we need most for hard choices in parenting

Smartphones, sports, and wisdom

Recently, I wrote a short post on Facebook about some of the difficult decisions...

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