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What school option will you choose for your child?

A helpful rubric for making education decisions

The countdown to a new school year has begun. Summer has flown by, as...

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raise kids

How parents can raise their kids to live by faith

Trusting in Jesus instead of our righteousness

What makes a family distinctly Christian? And if you are a parent, how do...

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A proactive parenting approach to addressing pornography with teenagers

3 practical steps you can take

We’ve encountered a ton of parents who are reactive to a problem rather than...

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What I would tell new homeschooling families

A great gift but a bad savior

I remember our oldest child’s first day of public school. My husband and I...

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3 ways to help your kids through grief

One family’s story of helping their children through the loss of siblings

When I was growing up my family had friends with two sons. Both boys...

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How a children’s ministry can partner with Christian parents

Helping moms and dads grow in Christ and model true faith

We desire a strong and robust partnership between children’s ministry and parents. Some Christian...

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