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raise kids

How parents can raise their kids to live by faith

Trusting in Jesus instead of our righteousness

What makes a family distinctly Christian? And if you are a parent, how do...

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suffering spouse

What to do when your spouse is suffering

A guide for listening and loving them well

Your wife feels lonely after two years of COVID-induced isolation. Your husband was recently...

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How to talk to your kids about the problem of sexting

An interview with the CEO of a parental control app

Children today encounter an online world unlike anything experienced by prior generations. They are...

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3 ways to help your kids through grief

One family’s story of helping their children through the loss of siblings

When I was growing up my family had friends with two sons. Both boys...

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3 ways parents can talk to their kids about Afghanistan

The news about the Taliban taking over Afghanistan is nearly unavoidable, and rightly so....

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4 ways to equip your kids to walk with friends who experience gender dysphoria

The actor Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page, cried in a recent interview...

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