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Male and Female in a Gender-Confused Age

How we are more alike than different

A 12-year-old daughter approaches her dad in tears. Before she can speak, he says,...

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5 ways to manage your summer expectations for vacation and rest

The hot summer sun and end of the school year makes everyone look forward...

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suffering spouse

What to do when your spouse is suffering

A guide for listening and loving them well

Your wife feels lonely after two years of COVID-induced isolation. Your husband was recently...

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watch TV

How do you watch what you watch?

Christian wisdom and entertainment choices

I’m pretty sure my family was the last one in our neighborhood to get...

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The hardship, humility, and reward of motherhood

An interview with Kristen Wetherell about “Humble Moms”

Many women dream of being mothers. And if God grants that gift, whether biologically...

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substance abuse

What if a church leader confesses a problem with substance abuse?

An interview about addiction and the hope of restoration

The stress of pandemic living seemed to exacerbate and bring to light several struggles...

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