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Why Christians should oppose gambling

Last year Americans spent a record amount of money on gambling. Casinos raked in...

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What did women think of Jesus?

The Gospels already tell us.

My personal study of the Scriptures has been enriched by wondering, “What was that...

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3 ways to help teenagers bring relationships into focus

How the lenses of creation, fall, and redemption guide our decision-making

In the year 1610, Galileo had a problem. On the one hand, he had...

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Visual Word

What is the value of the Word illustrated?

A look of "The Visual Word" by Patrick Schreiner

“You probably don’t have another book like this in your library” (9). These are...

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4 reasons why women stay in abusive relationships

When we encounter abuse and grapple with the evil it perpetrates, many people often...

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What do I do if my child doesn’t seem to fit with typical gender norms?

In a 2014 blog post titled “Let Kids Be Kids Instead of Sexualized Little...

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