The 2022 ERLC Annual Report

Whether you open a newspaper or watch the evening news, it should be readily apparent there is work to be done—urgent work. Work that is not for the timid or for the fearful.

Instead, it is work that can be accomplished through Baptist cooperation. That spirit is central to our mission at the ERLC.

Because as we come alongside to assist you, your church, and your convention, it allows us to speak more adeptly from our churches into the public square––a chaotic, messy, noisy public square that is in desperate need of the hope and peace that can only come from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As you read this Annual Report,* I hope you can see how we have sought to speak from our churches this past year. It is an honor to serve our churches. May these pages show you just how much of a privilege it has been for our team to serve you.

Joyfully in Christ,

F. Brent Leatherwood
ERLC President

*The 2022 Annual Report is a summation of the report given to trustees at our 2022 meeting in September. Some information will be from October-December 2021.