Policies that matter to Southern Baptists

religious liberty

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission works to build consensus with officials across our federal government on issues related to life, religious liberty, marriage and family, and human dignity.

The following 2024 ERLC Public Policy Agenda is an outline of this year’s core public policy priorities for this Commission.


religious liberty

Why does our voice in Washington matter?

Our consistent advocacy enables us to effectively represent our Southern Baptist churches while bringing the hope of the gospel to an increasingly polarized Washington, D.C. Whether our issues are popular or not, we have the opportunity to bear witness, to seek to persuade, and to build the bridges necessary to make a difference for the good of our neighbors.

In addition to our work with the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, the ERLC will continue advocacy before the judicial branch on matters consistent with our mission. Follow along with the Supreme Court cases we’re engaging on behalf of Southern Baptists this year. Furthermore, we will continue to work in partnership with Baptist state conventions and state advocacy groups on issues of missional priority that are of national importance.

Download our 2024 State Policy Agenda for examples of policies at the state level that capture the concerns of Southern Baptists.


What we stand for

With origins dating back to 1908, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission represents a concerted effort on the part of Southern Baptists to bring the gospel to bear on issues of moral importance in the culture. We represent Southern Baptist interests in public policy matters through advocacy and provide resources to help Southern Baptists think biblically about cultural issues.

From our offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C., our work is rooted in the truths of Scripture and can be categorized in four main areas: life, religious liberty, marriage and family, and human dignity.


The ERLC promotes a culture of life that sees immeasurable value in every person, from conception to natural death, because all individuals are created in God's image.

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Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is a Baptist principle rooted in the belief that a “free church in a free state” serves our churches, provides for the common good, and allows believers to share the gospel freely.

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Marriage and Family

We desire to see policies enacted that allow men, women, and children to flourish according to God’s good design for sexuality and family.

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Human Dignity

True human dignity, rooted in the imago Dei, motivates the ERLC to stand for the displaced, the trafficked, the preyed upon, and the persecuted—wherever they might be.

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Latest resources

What are the latest policy debates at the state and federal levels? How is abortion being regulated in our country?  And how can I get involved? You can find up-to-date information on these questions and other important matters related to our policy lanes as you seek to bring hope to your community and our nation. If you’re looking for past policy work, view past policy agendas.


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