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Racial Reconciliation

We must place any thoughts of racial or ethnic prejudice at the foot of the cross.

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Tragically much of our nation’s history is stained with the ugliness of racial discrimination and prejudice and, even more distressing, there was a day when many condoned these attitudes from church pulpits, twisting Scripture to justify their bigoted behavior and thought, rationalizing it was perfectly all right to own and/or abuse another human being.

Yet racist thought and behavior denies the reality that each of us are created in the image of God. It empties Scripture of its power in our lives when we accept some of its teachings and reject other biblical instruction because it conflicts with our idea of what is right and what is wrong. And as much as we want to believe otherwise, racism has not been erased from society. It sin–pure and simple.

While we have made progress in our country in this area, we have not yet arrived. Much of what was spoken aloud in the past by many, is still being whispered by some.

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