The ERLC academy is an initiative of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission that seeks to equip the church to think through and apply the the gospel to complex moral and ethical issues. 

Through ongoing training and education, the Academy allows churches to continue to grow in the knowledge of the Scriptures as it applies to the most pressing issues of our day.

Through regular equipping seminars, such as the upcoming Introduction to Christian Ethics with Dr. Russell Moore, the Academy seeks to offer foundational training for God’s people in an academic like setting. These seminars are able to be counted as seminary or bible college credit for students, but also as further education for those seeking to grow in their understanding of ethical, moral, and religious foundations.

Also through online training offered in partnership with Ministry Grid and the ERLC, learners are given access to hours of in depth and convenient training. Ministry Grid is a project of LifeWay Christian Resources and is updated regularly with new content.

Lastly, the ERLC has partnered with Southern Baptist Seminaries to provide expanded academic offerings through a Ph.D. concentration in ethics and public policy. Doctoral students from all SBC seminaries will have the ability to take particular courses led by the ERLC. Under the new doctoral program, students will have the opportunity to take courses in Louisville, Ky.; Nashville, Tenn.; Wake Forest, N.C.; and Washington, D.C. A Master of Theology with an emphasis in Christian ethics and public policy is also available.