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ERLC joins coalition letter in opposition to H.R. 5, the Equality Act

The ERLC joined a coalition of 86 faith-based nonprofits, religious entities, and institutions of higher education to state our opposition to H.R. 5, the Equality Act.

Here are several excerpts from the letter:

“We write on behalf of millions of Americans who are deeply concerned about the harms of the Equality Act, which undermines religious freedom, and threatens charitable nonprofits and the people they serve, regulates free speech, hinders quality health care, and endangers the privacy and safety of women and girls. H.R. 5 does not accomplish what its supporters maintain, and it causes new problems and will hurt more people than its sponsors want to help.”

“As people of faith, we believe that all people should be treated with equal dignity and respect. Religious groups were at the forefront of upholding these principles during our country’s civil rights movement, and people of faith continue to fight against the scourge of racism that unfortunately continues to this day.”

On May 7, the ERLC joined a coalition to send a letter to every member of the House of Representatives detailing the numerous religious freedom concerns with HR5. The letter was signed by leaders from the Christian Legal Society, Center for Law and Religious Freedom, Center for Public Justice, Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, National Association of Evangelicals, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Center For Religious Liberty, and Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance.

Below you’ll find several versions of this coalition letter sent to Capitol Hill on behalf of this coalition.

To read more and see the full list of signatories, please download the letters below.

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