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Joined partners in sending a letter sharing our support for the Eyes on the Board Act

With many children gaining unsupervised access to the internet at younger and younger ages, there has been an explosion in awareness of the harms this is bringing to many children.

New data has demonstrated the detrimental effects on mental health, learning, and self-image that have come as a result from unhindered access for minors. Current laws allow much of this to happen without the knowledge or consent of parents.

More must be done to prevent children from accessing harmful content, such as pornography, and to empower parents in overseeing the online activity of their children. One such proposal that the ERLC is advocating for is the Eyes on the Board Act which requires schools to block access to social media sites and develop screen time policies in order to receive federal resources in the form of E-Rate funding.

Public comments were submitted in response to the following regulatory actions on December 4, 2023.

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