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Why you should read “What is A Girl Worth”

In What Is a Girl Worth?, Rachael Denhollander described the motive for her final...

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Why is it so hard to have constructive conversations about abuse?

One obstacle to receiving care for current victims and survivors of past abuse is...

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Why we should be cautious in using criminal or traumatic offenses to illustrate forgiveness

Caring for survivors by being careful with our words

Let’s start this chapter by admitting that we like to use hyperbole — extreme...

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What Joseph’s story teaches us about abuse, forgiveness, power differentials, and wisdom

Most Christians are familiar with the story of Joseph as a powerful example of...

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First Steps When a Victim Discloses Abuse

Key Responses to Care Well for the Abused

The first and most important thing you need to realize when someone discloses the...

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How Do We Minister Slow Hope?

Walking with Friends on the Marathon After Abuse

When we face a crisis, we both desperately want and are intensely skeptical toward...

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what happens when you call CPS?

What Happens When You Call CPS?

Don’t Avoid What You Don’t Understand

You may have read the series of  books by C. S. Lewis called The...

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What advice would you give husbands who want to cultivate their marriage?

Brad Hambrick shares advice for husbands who want to cultivate their marriage. 

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4 principles to remember when talking to your children about coronavirus

Add the coronavirus pandemic to the list of topics—like sexuality and transgender bathrooms—that we...

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What would you say to the Christian who feels ashamed to seek counseling?

Brad Hambrick shares what he would say to the Christian who feels ashamed to seek...

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What is the “Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused” curriculum?

Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused (churchcares.com) is a training experience...

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What is the “Becoming a Church that Cares Well for Abuse” curriculum?

Over the last six months, at the directive of my senior pastor and president...

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