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Bryan Baise is the associate professor of Philosophy and Apologetics and program coordinator of Worldview and Apologetics at Boyce College. Baise has served in various capacities before coming to Boyce. He was a college pastor for an upstart church plant before moving to Louisville and has preached in various churches and revivals across Kentuckiana. Baise has served on an editorial staff, as a research assistant, teaching assistant, and currently as a research fellow with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He also speaks at various conferences on philosophy, worldview, apologetics, and has participated in several debates on college campuses. His interests range from philosophy, politics, aesthetics, pop culture, and, most assuredly, sports. He is married with three children.

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Bryan Baise

4 ways Sir Roger Scruton shaped me

Mourning our loss and celebrating his influence

I was sitting in Panera when I received a text message from a friend...

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Reflections on Obergefell One Year Later (Part 2)

Bryan Baise Cultural Tumult, New Imperatives The Obergefell ruling has reinforced for me what...

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Of Polis and People: Political Engagement, Evangelicals, and Augustinian ‘Double love’

I grew up fascinated with politics. I can distinctly remember watching the State of...

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religious liberty

Political Aesthetics in the Public Square

Monty Python has a memorable skit where a man walks into an office and...

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