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Jared is the husband of Megan and father to Rachael, Lucy, and Elisabeth. After serving fifteen years on staff at local churches, Jared now works as an editor for The Gospel Coalition, coaches children's ministers through Gospel-Centered Family, serves on the Theological Advisory Council for Harbor Network, and teaches as an adjunct instructor at Boyce College. He is author of numerous books including Keeping Your Children's Ministry on Mission and The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible.

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Jared Kennedy


Countdown to Christmas with these 6 resources for Advent

The holiday season was the time when I learned how to lead my family...

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public education

3 opportunities public education offers to Christian families

Choosing a school for your children can be one of the most difficult decisions...

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How to show Christlike care for a student who struggles with same-sex attraction

Sandra grew up in a Christian home. She was a good girl in church...

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4 tips for children’s ministry event planning and communication

A few weeks ago, a pastor friend who supervises children’s ministry staff at his...

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3 subtle sins to warn your kids about

And why it matters when wrestling with sexual temptation

Rob was heading off to college, and he planned to room with a high...

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What do I do if my child doesn’t seem to fit with typical gender norms?

In a 2014 blog post titled “Let Kids Be Kids Instead of Sexualized Little...

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children's ministry

How to prepare your children to see their gendered bodies as gifts for God’s mission

Evelyn Bassoff, a psychologist and author of Between Mothers and Sons, tells the story...

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Conversations about gender should begin with humility

Helping parents navigate hard topics with their children

Pastor John received a phone call from his friend, Rodney, who serves in ministry...

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Are you “working on” your kids ministry?

Thinking through "Process-Centered Methods for Children’s Discipleship"

A year ago, as we headed into weeks and months of pandemic lockdown, children’s...

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How to talk to your kids about sickness: An Interview with Scott James

Being sick can be scary, especially for children. Dr. Scott James has a passion...

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The world, the flesh, and illusion

How the newest super heroes help us see reality and prepare for death

Over the last several years, it’s become a tradition over the Christmas holidays to...

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Two foundational truths to teach our kids about gender

Celebrating who God created us to be

My favorite scene in the original Toy Story movie (1995) takes place at the...

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