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Jessica Burke is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have four children. The Burkes lived in Skopje, Macedonia as missionaries for 3 years before moving to N.C. where Jessica’s husband is a chaplain at a local jail and a pastor. A former public school teacher, Jessica home educates her children and teaches humanities to secondary students. Jessica has written for the Federalist, CiRCE, Story Warren, the Pillar Network, and elsewhere.

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Jessica Burke


5 reasons for Christians to show hospitality

When we moved overseas, we began to taste how generous hospitality can be. Sitting...

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The myth of self-ownership

A Review of Alan Noble’s "You Are Not Your Own"

One of the anthems our culture sings louder and more often than any other...

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How to become a better reader and thinker

A look at "Reading Between the Lines" by Gene Veith

In Louis L’Amour’s memoir, Education of a Wandering Man, he recounts the books he...

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We need our elderly neighbors

Almost 70 years ago, he asked his parents for 20 dollars so he could...

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Do We Know What To Do With Our Pain and Grief?

A review of Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy

As the coronavirus pandemic stretched across the globe, no one could ignore the reality...

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4 ways we try to help our children understand suffering

The coronavirus pandemic has brought up many conversations in our home about suffering. The...

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3 things about God that do not change in an ever-changing world

When the first of our spring activities were canceled a few weeks ago, my...

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6 things to give our children while the coronavirus keeps us at home

At the end of each spring, my husband and I spend some time considering...

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4 ways the gospel comforts children who’ve experienced divorce

I should have never believed in marriage. Growing up, I was surrounded by hurting...

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Why we’re more connected, yet more isolated than ever

Sherry Turkle on technology and relationships

We were unprepared for the fast rise of our digital life. We don’t understand,...

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How to talk to your kids about immigration

They were regular children. They doodled in class. They looked forward to their lunch...

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The importance of teaching our children to love the vulnerable

Some of my favorite people in the world are hated by their neighbors and...

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