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Marissa Postell serves as the managing editor of LifewayResearch.com. As a writer, she hopes to tell compelling narratives to equip the church to live on mission for the kingdom of God.

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maternal mortality

What is maternal mortality?

The United States is a technologically advanced country with trusted science and medicine. And...

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abortion tourism

Explainer: What is abortion tourism?

We’re familiar with the terms “abortion” and “tourism,” but what do you get when...

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mercy-oriented missions

Do our mercy-oriented missions glorify God?

A look at “So You Want to Dig a Well in Africa?”

What is your immediate reaction when you see something that is broken? When I...

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What should we do with the fear we feel in 2020?

Trusting God in the midst of pandemics and politics

Do you feel the world is broken?(We do)Do you feel the shadows deepen?(We do)...

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What does the Bible say about poverty?

The homeless man on the sidewalk waved. I waved back as I turned the...

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What does the Bible say about marriage?

We live in a time of confusion. Throughout most of American history, marriage didn’t...

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