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Don't Say Gay

How do we disciple our kids during the sexual revolution?

The Christian sexual ethic, Disney, and parental reponsibility

Earlier this week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Rep.) signed a bill into law that...

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What the horrors of war teach us about the nature of morality

Russia, Ukraine, and the objective truth of good and evil

On Feb. 24, the world watched in horror as Russian forces, under the leadership...

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A look at the ERLC’s public policy priorities for 2022

Public policy advocacy is one of the many ways the ERLC fulfills its ministry...

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How the ERLC stood for life in 2021

Standing for life has always been a core part of the Ethics and Religious...

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Why reading classics can help us answer age-old questions

An interview with Karen Swallow Prior

Italian journalist and novelist Italo Calvino once said, “A classic is a book that...

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How do you think about your self?

Viewing "you" in light of God's Word

In 2017, Paper Magazine interviewed a 15-year-old pop-star-in-the-making named Billie Eilish. A relatively unknown...

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