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Pastor's Role in Politics

Pastor Roundtable: What Is a Pastor’s Role in Politics?

Helping your church apply faith to the public square

The pressure during an election year is high for everyone, especially pastors. The last...

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Why should Christians care about the definition of marriage?

Understanding important Bible passages

I still remember the first time I heard a Christian question why it was...

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pro-life ministry

6 ideas for leading your church in pro-life ministry in light of Dobbs

The Mississippi abortion case and how a pastor can disciple his people

In what is expected to be the highest profile abortion-related case in decades, the...

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body image

How to help children have a healthy body image

An interview with Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

“Every single day, I sit in my counseling office with kids of all shapes...

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How to help your family approach the topic of race 

An interivew with Helen Lee and Michelle Reyes 

There are few issues more difficult to discuss in recent years than those related...

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watch TV

How do you watch what you watch?

Christian wisdom and entertainment choices

I’m pretty sure my family was the last one in our neighborhood to get...

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