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What should I know about Southern Baptists and IVF?

Artificial reproductive technologies (ARTs) have been at the forefront of discussions, specially those dealing with Southern Baptists and in vitro fertilization (IVF). The adoption of the 2024 resolution “On the Ethical Realities of Reproductive Technologies and the Dignity of the Human Embryo” at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention has reminded all of us that there are many people dealing with the heartbreaking realities of infertility and that Christians must be compassionate and committed to the personhood and dignity of every life, regardless of stage or location, in addressing these issues. Below are a few links to serve you as you consider these technologies and help those wrestling with the real-world implications of infertility.

Why are we talking about IVF now?

An explanation of how IVF began to make national news:

Have Southern Baptists’ views on IVF recently changed?

Policy advocacy consistent with Southern Baptist convictions: 

What are Southern Baptists saying about IVF now?

Full text of the 2024 SBC resolution: 

A list of questions and thorough answers about IVF

Practical help for pastors

Other IVF ethical considerations

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