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Support Border Security Enhancements and Asylum Reforms

The Bible is unequivocally clear in its command for Christians to care for the persecuted and vulnerable. Throughout Scripture, God calls his people to care for the immigrant and the refugee as those made in the image of God (Matt. 25:35-40; James 1:27). Southern Baptists have reaffirmed this command to care for the stranger among us through numerous resolutions declaring “the value and dignity of immigrants, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, culture, national origin, or legal status.”

Southern Baptists are committed both to Christian compassion and respect for the rule of law; these twin convictions are not irreconcilable. We advocate for fair and just solutions for the border crisis because it accords with the core biblical principles of justice and mercy. Partisan politics or political calculation should never pave over the lives of individuals made in the image of God. At the 2023 annual meeting, Southern Baptists called on lawmakers to “provide clear guidance for immigrants and asylum seekers,” “maintain robust avenues for valid asylum claimants seeking refuge,” and “prioritize measures that secure our borders and to provide adequate resources to border patrol and those working in our immigration system.”

It is with this guidance that the ERLC will continue to urge Congress to pass needed immigration reforms that uphold our ideals of order, the rule of law, and compassion. Congress should uphold the rule of law by supplying resources needed to secure the border. The federal government bears a God-given responsibility to ensure the security of our nation. Border security is a critical component to reforming our immigration system to protect our nation from those that would do us harm. At the same time, our asylum system is currently abused by many who are not fleeing persecution but view it as their only pathway into the United States.

Without Congressional action, the federal and state governments are limited in what can be done to address this crisis. Much of what recent administrations have attempted to do to control the flow of migrants has been struck down by the courts because it fails to comply with existing U.S. immigration law. Congress alone is able to provide necessary reforms to our legal immigration, border, asylum, and adjudication processes to provide clarity to those who wish to come, support for our border enforcement officials, relief for overwhelmed border communities, and safety for our nation.

The ERLC will continue to urge Congress to pass such reforms that pair border security improvements with important reforms to our asylum and legal immigration systems.

SBC Actions

Southern Baptist spoke to immigration and refugees at the 2023 annual meeting through the Resolution On Wisely Engaging Immigration, the 2018 annual meeting through the Resolution On Immigration, and the 2011 annual meeting through the Resolution On Immigration and The Gospel.

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Support Border Security Enhancements and Asylum Reforms

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