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Andrew Bertodatti is a minister in New York. He resides in New York City with his wife, Karen, and their son.
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Andrew Bertodatti

civic engagement

A Christian perspective on civic engagement and political life

A review of David Innes’ Christ and the Kingdoms of Men

Responsible citizenship is a steadily mounting challenge for Americans. Rampant isolation leaves us disconnected...

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Business meeting

How your job can prepare you for full-time ministry

Learning about the goodness of work and the value of people

Scripture calls Christians to glorify God in all elements of life (1 Cor. 10:31)....

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What life is like in the U.S. for an immigrant

One man’s journey from religious persecution in Pakistan

Forced displacement is a growing and urgent global crisis. A multitude of conditions, including...

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How can God’s people pursue compassion during the global refugee crisis?

A conversation about "Refuge Reimagined"

Forced displacement is a global crisis that grows every year. In the face of...

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What can you do when doubt and discouragement creep in?

Wrestling well with deconstruction

On Easter, rapper Andy Mineo tweeted a thoughtful thread capturing a significant mood in...

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pro-life protections

How does politics shape the way we see the world?

Politics and ideology are forces that do not merely pertain to governance but often...

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How can churches be more inclusive of disabled persons?

Lamar Hardwick was 36 years old when he discovered he was on the autism...

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What should we pay attention to in the news?

An interview with Jeffrey Bilbro about "Reading the Times"

News consumption does not merely inform us, it forms us, argues Jeffrey Bilbro in...

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3 ways church membership challenges our individualism

In a recent docu-series entitled Can’t Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional...

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The dynamic role the Black church has played in American history

Select quotes from "Reading While Black" by Esau McCaulley

The church is central to the story of black history in the United States....

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How can you help someone questioning Christianity?

An Interview with Alisa Childers about “Another Gospel?”

What would you say to someone on the verge of walking away from the...

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How do you think about your self?

Viewing "you" in light of God's Word

In 2017, Paper Magazine interviewed a 15-year-old pop-star-in-the-making named Billie Eilish. A relatively unknown...

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