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Bringing Clarity Into Cultural Confusion

Lindsay Nicolet

God explicitly tells us that we were made to glorify him in our bodies (1 Cor. 6:20). But, this is not a widely accepted sentiment in our culture, and sometimes not even in churches. Today’s mantra is more akin to: “You were made to express your authentic ‘self’ in your body.” Our bodies are seen as a vehicle that we can decide to use however we want in order to find happiness. But we will never find the happiness we long for apart from God’s good design as revealed in Scripture. 

Our bodies tell a story—about who we are and who God is. And what we do with our bodies tells the same story. We were shaped and fashioned by a Creator (Gen. 1, 2; Ps. 139:13-16). He made us specifically and unchangeably male and female, both in his image (Gen. 1:27). And he set apart sexual intimacy for one man and one woman in marriage (Song of Sol. 8:4; Matt. 5:27-28; 

Rom. 13:13). Furthermore, Jesus coming as fully man and fully God highlights that the body matters (John 1:14). All of this is purposed by God. Therefore, Christians do not have the option of being neutral, especially when it comes to matters of gender and sexuality. 

Most Christians know the clear teachings of Scripture regarding sexuality, such as sex being reserved for marriage and that humanity is created as male and female. But what about issues that are not so cut and dry? How do we handle pronouns? What about ministry to those who identify as transgender? And how does technology play into the prevailing views of sexuality? 

In this issue, you will hear from believers who are applying Christian answers to these questions in their everyday lives, whether as church leaders, parents, or professionals. For example, David Prince, a pastor, examines the issue of men in women’s sports; Eric Baxter, a lawyer, looks at parental rights regarding kids and sexuality in schools; and Gracilynn Hansen, a mom and writer, breaks down having conversations about gender and sexuality with children of all ages. All of the authors’ insights will prove valuable as you embrace the goodness of God’s design and proclaim it to the world. 

The sexual confusion in our culture, though challenging and often discouraging, is an immense opportunity for Christians. We, of all people, know the purpose of our design, the reason for our confusion, and the answer to our search for satisfaction. God’s Word has not left us without answers and wisdom in the midst of the turmoil. And God has not left us without a Savior to run to for help, hope, and redemption. As we live out God’s design for sexuality, fight for lives of faithfulness, and share the good news of God’s grace in the midst of sin’s deception, we will glorify God as we bring clarity to the confusion in our culture.

Lindsay Nicolet
Managing Editor, Light Magazine

Lindsay Nicolet

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