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Hope in cooperation

As the pro-life movement adapts to a post-Roe America, many are finding more attention given to the abortion debate in their state than ever before. 

While the political landscape might be new, the issue of life is not new to Southern Baptists.  Scripture is clear that we are called to value life, and because of this, the ERLC has advocated for the dignity of preborn lives for over 40 years. 

The Psalm 139 Project, a ministry of the ERLC, is dedicated to placing ultrasound machines in pregnancy resource centers across the country at no cost to them. These machines are a powerful way for abortion vulnerable women to get a “window” into the world of her preborn child.

As state legislatures have become ground zero for the abortion policy debate, our Baptist state conventions and local churches across the country have emerged as champions in promoting a culture of life and supporting life-saving organizations and ministries. 

In recent years, many of the Psalm 139 Project placements have been made possible by the generosity of Southern Baptists and partnerships with local and state conventions, like the North Carolina Baptists.  

“The Psalm 139 Project fit like a hand in glove with churches in North Carolina,” said Todd Unzinker, who led North Carolina Baptists in placing ultrasound machines in their state with the Psalm 139 Project. 

As his team and ERLC representatives gathered at a local PRC for an ultrasound machine and mobile unit dedication service, they discovered that God had other plans for that day. 

“As we were setting up with this mobile ultrasound unit and this brand new ultrasound, the director noticed a car was parked out front,” said Todd. “There was one lady who was in there, and, ironically, we needed her to move the car for some camera shots we were doing. So she walked over to the car and there was a teenage woman. She had tears coming down her face.

“She had tears because she had an abortion scheduled. She said she felt waking up that morning that she needed to look for any other option. She had heard about this pregnancy resource center, drove to it and saw the closed sign. She was sitting there looking up where to go get an abortion in a different state or a different location when we walked up.

“She met with some counselors there, and she was the first ultrasound that was done with the machine from the Psalm 139 Project. She decided to keep her baby, and she gave her life to Christ.” 

Todd and his team found out later that she and her boyfriend got married and are now members in a local NC Baptist Church. 

“That ultrasound started working before the PRC was even open,” said Todd. “It literally saved lives, brought people to Jesus, and made stronger families before we even started the dedication.”

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